Hash Brown Line


Formed potato products are produced from mashed or shredded potatoes. This may be your primary process, or it could be a by-product of an existing production line. If the latter is the case, you will obtain more yield from your raw materials because you are also processing remaining potato pieces into an end product.

  • Pre-cleaning
  • Peeling
  • Cutting and Sizing
  • Blanching
  • Drying
  • Forming
  • Frying
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Peeling
  • Cutting and Sizing
  • Blanching
  • Drying
  • Forming
  • Frying
  • Pre-cleaning

    Cleanliness of potatoes determines their success in further processing. While cleaning is not complicated, you must do it correctly for it to be effective. The basis is established by natural laws, such as floating power and specific gravity.

    As a result of our extensive experience, we have developed a technology for optimal water flow, as well as a specific design of the rinse basin. The technique produces a potato that is free of any stones or greens and removes any poor-quality potatoes, which can be processed further without future problems occurrence.

    Cyclone destoner

    The cyclone destoner is used to remove stones and clay shells. Gradients and flow rates determine the optimal result. Among the many distinguishing features of the cyclone destoner are a reliable stainless-steel pump, a 5-mm thick plate steel and a polyurethane layer that functions as wear-resistant material. A practical and reliable system that delivers results with no-nonsense technology. The system is available in different capacities, up to 70 tons per hour.

    Drum washer

    The drum washer will remove soil, clay, and sand from the potatoes through the principle of mutual friction. Steel strips alternately positioned on the surface of the direct driven drum and on either side contain smooth and trim edges. This means that no unevenness will damage the potato. This washer's excellent access means it's easy to maintain. Naturally, the device also reduces your water consumption.

  • Peeling

    Over the years, Kiremko has become one of the leading specialists in potato peeling due to continuous innovation in this technology. To achieve excellent results when peeling potatoes, Kiremko knows what temperature setting is necessary along with an accurate depth measurement determined to within millimeters. With less peel removed, your process will yield better results.

    All Kiremko peelers are manufactured with the latest technologies, incorporating easy maintenance and easy cleaning, giving them a low energy consumption and robust performance.

    STRATA Invicta

    By offering maximum yields at the shortest cycle time, STRATA Invicta® sets a new standard in steam peeling systems. The potatoes are peeled with a blade thinner than any other machine, where only the skin is removed, leaving the cooking rings untouched. Fast, accurate and reliable, the STRATA Invicta® will really steam things up in your potato processing line.

    Dry Brush Machine

    Dry brush machines are used to remove the potato peel after steam peeling. A rotating brush will make sure that the smooth surface of the peeled potato remains intact. The gear-drive system is strong, durable, wear-proof and automatic to ensure vibration-free, wear-proof and fault-free operation. This will make maintenance episodes extremely short and easy to manage, resulting in minimal cleaning and maintenance intervals.


    PeelGuard is an optical measuring and weighing instrument that detects residual peels and the presence of dark, green or black spots. This machine will ensure optimum monitoring during the final stage of peeling. PeelGuard increases yield of the final product by compensating for changes in peel thickness or peel definition. This way, the results are tailored to your specific needs, therefore making the most of your potatoes.

  • Cutting and Sizing

    Producing a high-quality product requires accurate cutting tools. Due to this, Kiremko has made major contributions to the creation of the market standard with the QuadraFlow. The tensioning knives guarantee further improvements in cutting results.

    A revolutionary potato reaper uses an ingenious water pressure guide that allows potatoes to pass through the cutting grid at speeds between 10 and 14 meters per second. The potatoes are oriented in the most efficient direction, so waste and feathering are avoided. Regular shapes and cutting quality can also be ensured this way.

    Cutting machine FAM TridisTM 240P

    The FAM TridisTM 240p is a new generation of tridimensional dicers designed by FAM. A wide variety of cutting tools make slicing, strip cutting and dicing possible with only one machine. Exchangeable knives offer all thinkable variations to cut potatoes in three-dimensional shapes, slices, dices, ribbed slices, ribbed chips, extra-long chips and many more. The FAM Tridis™ 240P brings capacity, efficiency and quality to a new level.

  • Blanching

    A correctly blanched cut product will make further processing more efficient. A blanching process can influence the crispness after frying, the shelf life after packaging, as well as the colour and firmness of the end product. We combine an accurate blanching time and temperature setting with a robust, low maintenance design.

    Our many years of experience have helped us design well-considered and efficient blanchers for various processing lines. These are now exported all over the world and are maximizing tons of potatoes.

    Screw type blancher

    French fries, potato flakes, potato mash, and screw blanchers can all be produced with this type of blancher. We offer a variety of screw blancher types and sizes. Intense pump systems ensure an equal distribution of temperature, and product outfeed can be carried out by a ferris wheel, whether it is driven separately, by a pump, or by a screw. There is a solution that is perfectly suited to each application.

  • Drying

    In the forming process it is critical that the potato shreds will hold together in the correct shape. To achieve this, the product is prepared through a series of steps to remove moisture and condition the starch cells to ensure that the shreds stick together. This is done in a unique unit called the retro grader

    Retro grader

    The retro grader conditions cut and resized potatoes through drying and chilling to help ensure a formable product. Retro gradation is a process that takes place within the potato itself when it is cooled down after boiling or blanching. The Retro Grader will cool down the potato over a longer period of time, which will partly remove the water from the starch, while reinforcing the cell wall. This is an important process in the hash brown line.

  • Forming

    Increasingly, potatoes are used as a raw material for differently formed products, such as hash browns, croquettes, slices, rösti rounds, or small waffles.

    Forming is a complicated process, resulting in a highly vulnerable end product. Moreover, a producer needs to be able to quickly switch between different forms. Together with its strategic partner Idaho Steel, Kiremko is dedicated to this process. This has resulted in the new Nex-Gem.


    The Nex-Gem+ forming machine is an ultra-modern rotary former, which has been provided with numerous exceptional extras such as the ‘Quick Change Inserts’, a very swift way to exchange forming tools without the need of any special tools. In addition, the weight of the formed product can be changed during the process. The Nex-Gem can be cleared of residue material and completely cleaned within 30 minutes.

  • Frying

    The frying of French fries, potato chips, pellet snacks or hash browns is a complex process requiring a high constant temperature, steam discharge and transit times to determine the quality of the end product.

    The Kiremko fryers are considered the worldwide standard. Continual innovations ensure technology that matches today's market demands: not just for a perfect result, but also the sustainable use of oil and energy.

    Fry by wire specialty fryer

    A fryer with an extremely accurate frying technology to ensure that vulnerable products emerge from the fryer, row by row, perfectly coloured and cooked.

    CORDA Invicta

    The revolutionary design of the Kiremko CORDA Invicta Fryer is the result of 2 years of intense research, development, testing, and consultation with customers. Thanks to its 30% less oil content, 15% smaller footprint, hygienic design, and low-maintenance belt and pump system, the machine reduces oil content and is environmentally friendly. This makes the Kiremko CORDA Invicta Smart, Safe, Strong and Sustainable.

    Primary Oil Filter

    The frying oil pumped out of the fryer, is fed directly to the Primary Oil Filter and filtered. Adding the Primary Oil Filter to your process enables you to have a simplified circulation system with reduced oil volume.


    EcoMiser™ has been positioned as a green alternative to traditional methods of oil recovery after frying. Using the EcoMiser™, you'll experience the latest advancements in sanitation, noise reduction, and cleanliness, all while minimizing total cost of ownership. Enclosed conveyors with integrated catch pans control oil vapor, reduce noise, and maintain hygiene.

  • And the end product? Superbly cleaned, peeled, cut, blanched, dried and fried hash browns. All with minimal loss, maximum quality and perfect taste.

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