Retro Grader


Using a retro grader, shredded potatoes are dried and chilled for a formable result. Retro gradation occurs within the potato after it has been boiled or blanched. The potato cells are altered by these changes. Boiling or blanching causes the starch in the potato to absorb the water, creating a mealy, firm texture.

    Retro Grader

    • Conditions the potato shreds through drying and cooling

    • Ensures a formable product of the best quality and texture

    • Ensures that the product holds together during the baking process


As the shredder reduces the size of the incoming product, the size of the shred influences both the appearance and texture. 

Drum Dryer

Drum dryers are used to dry cooked potatoes until flakes form. Through cooperation with our partner Idaho Steel, we’ve developed drum dryers with capacities of up to 1200kg/hr. This is 25% more than our competitors, allowing you to make the most of potato by-product.

Cooling-freezing combination

An insulated casing with a conveyor belt is used in cooling tunnels. Air is blown vertically from beneath the belt through the product layer.


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