The Kiremko Drum Dryer


Drum dryers are used to dry cooked potatoes until flakes form. Through cooperation with our partner Idaho Steel, we’ve developed drum dryers with capacities of up to 1200kg/hr. This is 25% more than our competitors, allowing you to make the most of potato by-product.


    Drum Dryer

    • Largest in the world

    • Automatic adjustment of top applicator rolls

    • Automatic scraper system with sanitary design

    • As a unique feature they are equipped with a stainless steel surface

Belt Dryer

The belt dryer transports the product within a conditioned environment, where heated air provides controlled and equal drying.


A Kiremko WeighGuard enables accurate salt, dextrose, and flavouring dosing.

Flake mill / Grinder

Milling is the final step in the flake process. The milling machine mills potato flakes into flakes that are as small as 1,6 mm x 1,6 mm and as big as 20 mm x 20 mm.

Ideal solution for sustainability improvement

Because potato byproduct from, for example, the French fry line - think of "slivers" and "nubbins" - can be processed with a production line for flakes into an end product with value.

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Kiremko Drum Dryer

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