Flake mill / Grinder


Milling is the final step in the flake process. The milling machine mills potato flakes into flakes that are as small as 1,6 mm x 1,6 mm and as big as 20 mm x 20 mm. It is designed for high throughput and is extremely flexible.

    Flake mill / Grinder

    • Efficiently grinds dried potato sheets into processable potato flakes

    • Small footprint

    • Developed and tested in the USA by our strategic partner Idaho Steel

Cutting machine FAM TridisTM 240P

The FAM Tridis 240P brings capacity, efficiency and quality to a new level.

Steam Cooker

This is the most versatile and time-tested component in the potato mash line as it can produce a large volume and an even cook for a high-quality product.

Drum Dryer

Drum dryers are used to dry cooked potatoes until flakes form. Through cooperation with our partner Idaho Steel, we’ve developed drum dryers with capacities of up to 1200kg/hr. This is 25% more than our competitors, allowing you to make the most of potato by-product.


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