Steam Cooker


This is the most versatile and time-tested component in the potato mash line as it can produce a large volume and an even cook for a high-quality product. A double or single internal screw can be implemented for higher capacities, and the steam will be used to cook and mash the potatoes. The application of steam ensures an even and optimal cooking process.

    Steam Cooker

    • Fully insulated body

    • Developed in the USA

    • The optimal steam injection and condensate removal ensures an even cooking result

Cutting machine FAM TridisTM 240P

The FAM Tridis 240P brings capacity, efficiency and quality to a new level.

Fry by wire specialty fryer

The fryer is equipped with an extremely accurate frying technology to ensure that each row of food emerges from the fryer perfectly cooked.

Potato chips fryer

The potato chips fryer has been equipped with a balanced oil-supply system ensuring smooth transit of the chips.


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