Potato chips fryer


The potato chips fryer has been equipped with a balanced oil-supply system ensuring smooth transit of the chips.


    Potato chips fryer

    • Has a sophisticated temperature control system to keep temperature losses to a minimum

    • Two stacks maintain a blanket of steam over the frying oil which prevents it from oxidizing

    • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

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Feed Vibrator Fryer

As the dosing vibrator works, it helps equalize the product surge, and this, in turn, ensures an even flow into the fryer.

Fry by wire specialty fryer

The fryer is equipped with an extremely accurate frying technology to ensure that each row of food emerges from the fryer perfectly cooked.

Pellet Snack Fryer

An extensive variety of pellet snacks can be cooked and fried in the pellet snack fryer.


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