Washing and Dosing

A Kiremko WeighGuard enables accurate salt, dextrose, and flavouring dosing. The Kiremko WeighGuard prevents overdosing and underdosing, ensuring a uniform and consistently flavoured end product.



    • Reliable belt-weigh-system

    • Easy to calibrate

    • Fully connected to SCADA systems

    • Loss-in-Weight system with additive dispenser on weighing cells

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Bunker Belt

Bunker belts receive multiple batches of raw pellets that feed the processing line, which runs continuously for several hours.

Flavour Drum

As potato chips or snack pellets enter the drum, the flavouring is introduced at the same time and is dispersed in the correct amount to fit the product.

Dosing vibrator

The dosing vibrator helps to even out the surge of product and in this way creates an even flow into the fryer, which is essential for an optimal frying process.

The Family Footprint of Mydibel

A family man is talking. And a business man. Apart from being one of the leading Belgian potato processors, Carlo Mylle is also a father. And a “pater familias” within the company his father started.

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