Flavour Drum


As potato chips or snack pellets enter the drum, the flavouring is introduced at the same time and is dispersed in the correct amount to fit the product.

    Flavour Drum

    • Ensures an even distribution of flavors throughout the product

    • Robust and tested design

    • Protects the product from breaking

Coating enrobing system

As part of the enrobing system, batter is sprayed onto the product from above, coating it entirely.

Coating preparation system

Kiremko fryers are regarded as the industry standard of excellence and are leaders in fryer innovation worldwide.  

Defatting vibrator

Vibrating cascades remove excess frying oil from the product, so that it can be reclaimed and reused in the frying system, and not pollute the packaging line which helps towards the end goal of making the most out of every potato.


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