The Kiremko STRATA Invicta


A short introduction about the steam pealer. About why it is the very best in pealing en why you should check this page out. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.

    The Kiremko STRATA Invicta

    • Full line capacity control capacity control by steam peeler

      • Intelligent system with controlled interlock restart
      • Allows for an almost 100% uniform product feed from the steam peeler
      • Less or no potato buffers inline required
    • Best peeling results

      • Up to 25% shorter peeling time than any other steam peeler
      • Optimal heat transfer through advanced condensate separation
      • 20% smaller cooking ring resulting in a reduction of peel waste up to 10%

    Lowest total cost of ownership

      • Extremely wear-resistant steam release valve made of NASA quality materials
      • Distinct build-in weigh hopper calibration system in which mechanical deviations are also calibrated
      • Less maintenance due to the use of special stainless steel
      • Less maintenance because crucial parts are protected against steam and heat

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Dry Brush Machine


Abrasive type peeler

30 STRATA Invicta's
in 30 months

“We didn’t know of this anniversary of the Kiremko STRATA Invicta® steam peeler at the moment we bought it”, Aviko Belgium Project Manager Cor Koole admits. “We just bought it because it offers us the highest reliability. We know the Kiremko STRATA Invicta® from other Aviko locations.

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