Unveiling sustainable potato processing opportunities in India

Kiremko's journey in India

Last week, Kiremko’s director, Paul Oosterlaken, and CEO, Bhavana Vishwanath, embarked on an exciting journey to India as part of the Dutch trade mission. This mission, graced by the presence of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, was centered around the theme of ‘unlocking sustainable opportunities together’. We delve into Kiremko’s participation in this mission and its commitment to advancing sustainable food production, particularly in the realm of potato processing.

19 September 2023
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Strengthening Bonds: India and the Netherlands

India and the Netherlands share a longstanding history of trade and cultural exchange. This robust partnership has paved the way for mutual growth and cooperation, transcending geographical boundaries. As we nurture these bonds, it becomes imperative to emphasize sustainable practices and the exchange of innovative ideas. Kiremko, a prominent player in the potato processing industry, is committed to contributing to this shared vision.

Kiremko's Recipe for Success: Total Potato Processing Solutions

At the heart of Kiremko’s success lies its ability to deliver comprehensive solutions for potato processing, spanning from the initial potato input stage to the final packaging line. What sets Kiremko apart is its dedication to tailoring these solutions to meet specific customer requirements.


By collaborating closely with customers, Kiremko ensures that both the potato and the customer’s production process yield the best possible results.

Proud partners in progress

Kiremko takes immense pride in being a part of the Dutch trade mission to India. This participation signifies Kiremko’s commitment to enhancing sustainable food production, particularly in the domain of potato processing. During this mission, Kiremko achieved several significant milestones by finalizing agreements with key players in the industry. Here are some of the noteworthy partnerships:


Asandas: A collaboration for a flake line with a remarkable production capacity of 2,400 kg/hr.

Haldiram / SK International: Another exciting partnership for a flake line boasting a production capacity of 2,400 kg/hr.


SK International, the leading exporter of process potatoes has partnered with Haldiram and formed 3 Brothers Agri Export Pvt Ltd to produce the Potato Flakes


These agreements mark pivotal steps toward revolutionizing potato processing in India. Kiremko’s dedication to sustainable practices and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction have paved the way for these fruitful collaborations. We look back on a great trade mission that we are proud to have been a part of.

We make the most of your potatoes
Drum Dryer

Drum dryers are used to dry cooked potatoes until flakes form. Through cooperation with our partner Idaho Steel, we’ve developed drum dryers with capacities of up to 1200kg/hr. This is 25% more than our competitors, allowing you to make the most of potato by-product.

STRATA Invicta

By offering maximum yields at the shortest cycle time, STRATA Invicta sets a new standard in steam peeling systems.

Cyclone Destoner

The cyclone destoner is used to remove stones and clay shells. Gradients and flow rates determine the optimal result. 


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