Belt dryer

The Belt Dryer transports the product within a conditioned environment, where heated air provides control and equal drying.

Freshly blanched hot product enters the belt dryer where it is dried by air circulation to prepare for the next step in the process. Achieving the right drying degree is a challenging but controllable process. The result will be an even and consistent product outfeed, which is necessary for your frying process.


Retro grader

The Retro Grader conditions the potato shreds through drying and chilling to help ensure a formable product. Retro gradation is a process that takes place within the potato itself when it is cooled down after boiling or blanching. It changes the structure of the cells inside the potato.

During boiling or blanching, the starch in the potato absorbs the water, resulting in a mealy, firm structure.

A retro gradation machine will cool down the potato over a longer period of time, which will partly remove the water from the starch, while reinforcing the cell wall. This is an important process in the hash brown line.


Drum dryer

The Drum Dryer will dry cooked potatoes until flakes are formed. The drum is heated from the inside using steam; the mash is applied to the drum by means of a screw conveyor.

Any product which is too hard, or peel remains, will be collected in the bottom satellite drum and be discharged. The different satellite drums, as well as the hot drum and the carefully adjusted air extraction, will ensure an even, thin film of mash, which is subsequently ground in the flake mill.


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