Turnkey Projects in the Potato Processing Industry

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The potato processing industry is witnessing a surge in demand for complete solutions, as the consumption of potato products continues to rise worldwide. Countries like Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, China, India and South America are experiencing significant growth in potato processing capacity. As the industry evolves, so does the complexity of designing and manufacturing processing equipment. Automation and integration of processing and packaging equipment are becoming essential to meet the increasing capacities. In this article, we explore the concept of turnkey projects and how they provide a comprehensive solution for potato processors. 

17 July 2023
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Director of Kiremko, Paul Oosterlaken, signs an agreement together with a customer from India, in the company of the then Minister of Agriculture of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
The Growing Demand for Complete Potato Processing Lines

The worldwide demand for complete potato processing lines is on the rise, with both established processors in Europe and new players in countries like India, China, and Turkey investing in new lines. This trend is driven by the increasing consumption of frozen potato products and the need for efficient and reliable processing solutions.

Addressing Complexity through Project-Based Approach

Designing and manufacturing processing equipment today involves more than just welding stainless steel together. Automation plays a vital role in handling higher capacities, while the integration of processing and packaging equipment becomes crucial. To meet these demands, companies like Kiremko have adopted a project-based approach, offering turnkey solutions that encompass the entire processing line. Whether it’s a single machine or a complete project, the focus is on delivering the best quality equipment along with comprehensive project management.

The Role of Project Development in Turnkey Solutions

Kiremko, a leading player in the potato processing industry, has established a dedicated service called Kiremko Project Development (KPD) to cater to the growing demand for turnkey projects. KPD specializes in assisting customers in decision-making, operational management, and eliminating bottlenecks in the production process. Their team of specialists leverages extensive knowledge and experience in the potato industry to translate initial ideas into technical concepts with financial substantiation.


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I am regularly invited to visit our clients to highlight our project-based approach and to demonstrate the benefits of our partnerships in practice. The advantages of turnkey solutions are many and I like to show them to our customers, because it works. Together with our strategic partner Idaho Steel, we know how to get the most out of the potato for our customers. With our sustainable approach, we go for our customer’s success, not just for the short term but for the long term.  – Andy Gowing, director Kiremko

Driving Sustainability with Fair Future Concept

Sustainability is gaining importance in the potato processing industry. Kiremko introduced the Fair Future concept, which promotes conscious business practices that benefit both products and production processes. With a focus on energy and water efficiency, Kiremko designs machines and production lines that help customers comply with stringent environmental standards, contributing to a cleaner world.


Read more about Kiremko Fair Future, here.

Step-by-Step Project Development Process

Kiremko’s turnkey project development process involves close collaboration with the customer. After the initial project meeting, the manufacturer’s requirements are summarized, and action points are determined. Kiremko’s sales, project, and engineering departments work together to design a customized process line layout and provide a technical proposal. To ensure quality and avoid on-site issues, equipment and parts are pre-assembled, pre-cabled, and tested before shipment. Customers can also participate in Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI) or Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) at Kiremko’s facility.

Advantages of Turnkey Solutions

Ordering a turnkey solution offers numerous advantages for potato processors. The most significant benefit is the comprehensive support provided throughout the project, making the customer’s life easier. Coordinating multiple suppliers and managing complex logistics become streamlined with one responsible party. Kiremko’s expertise in project coordination, assembly, engineering, transportation, and project management ensures a smooth and efficient process. By bringing together specialist parties, Kiremko creates the best possible processing line for its customers.

Overcoming Challenges and Offering Complete Solutions

Kiremko’s track record of delivering two to three complete process lines annually demonstrates their expertise in the field. Managing various suppliers and ensuring customer satisfaction are significant challenges in turnkey projects. Thanks to the concentration of innovative potato processing technology in the Netherlands, Kiremko, along with strategic partners Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems, is able to offer comprehensive solutions to customers worldwide.


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