The new Kiremko Fryer:
Corda Invicta

Launch new fryer

Kiremko, the innovative market leader in potato processing equipment, is launching a new fryer called the CORDA Invicta. Two years of investigation, research, testing and consulting of customers lead to a new, revolutionary design of the Kiremko CORDA Invicta Fryer. Along with the STRATA Invicta steampeeler, Kiremko again introduces product leadership in the marketplace.


13 July 2021
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Leaps ahead

With up to 30% less oil content, 15% less factory footprint, hygienic design and low maintenance belt and pumps system, it is SLIM, STRONG, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE. Trusted technology is redesigned, new technology incorporated. Ready for the future and leaps ahead. This summer Kiremko will present the CORDA Invicta to the first launching customers.


“Customers change, markets change, products change, consumers change. Change is a constant driver for innovation at Kiremko. No wonder that the customer had a leading role in the development and design of the CORDA Invicta.  No wonder that even the smallest functionality was reconsidered, rebuilt, retested.  All the knowledge and experience of Kiremko is now shared with the market, by launching the CORDA Invicta.”  – Andy Gowing, Director Kiremko

The CORDA Invicta fryer is suitable for frying (coated) French fries and all kinds of other potato specialties and will be available from 2022.

Are you curious about the other unique features of the CORDA Invicta, such as capacities and oil use? Then visit and find out!

Please contact Kiremko if you have questions about the CORDA Invicta.

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