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Installing a complete French fry line on another continent and starting it up requires skill. For Kiremko and its engineers, this is a well-established ability, but when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Kiremko engineers from boarding planes, a door was opened for a very inventive solution Kiremko has been developing – The Kiremko Remote Service. Put simply, this service is a sophisticated “headset” with camera, sound and monitor, an internet connection and high-quality technicians on both sides of that connection.

16 June 2020
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as a basis

The search for innovative ways of doing business has become very prominent, but for Kiremko it has always been in their DNA. We are not always looking for an easy solution, but we want long-term solutions that benefit our customers and also contribute to the survival of our planet. As one example, Kiremko was awarded the contract to supply an advanced, state-of-the-art French fry line in North Africa. This complete line was built in the Netherlands and shipped just before the COVID-19 restrictions were introduced. This provided Kiremko with another opportunity to test this new way of installation that they had been working on internally for some time, together with their partner, Van den Pol.


Virtual side-by-side

This Kiremko Remote Service technology consists of a headset, equipped with a camera, sound and a virtual tablet. We send these ‘glasses’ to our end customer, who can then deploy his own engineers on site to carry out the installation and start-up with our technical team virtually at their side. Our engineers can see and hear exactly what the customer’s team is doing via computer, tablet and smartphone, so they are virtually side-by-side with instructions, guidance and Kiremko expertise to make installation easier.


“This technology is not only useful for commissioning lines in difficult times such as the Corona outbreak, but it will provide facility options in the future and assist our customers with maintenance and other technical tasks. Having Kiremko expertise readily available offers enormous benefits. It also saves travel time, travel costs and is another step forward in further reducing our carbon footprint, says Andy Gowing, director at Kiremko.

Ultimately it is about delivering quality

“It is a solution for maintenance and installations. It is no longer essential for our team to travel all over the world for jobs that can often be carried out by local staff. In addition, the expertise level of our customers is increasing, so the use of resources such as the Kiremko Remote Service is becoming more likely. Ultimately it is about delivering quality, also in terms of service. ” – Wouter Pijnacker, Service engineer Kiremko


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