For many years Kiremko has promoted and encouraged reliable manufacturers of machinery and components to join forces with us in order to offer the client the best and latest developments available in the market. Through close and intensive communication between all parties the individual desires of the client can be met to the highest level possible. Furthermore, this cooperation enhances the flexibility and speed in respect to our service and the delivery of machines and components.

Idaho Steel Products Inc. Co
A well known manufacturer of flake lines in the USA and Canada. ISP and Kiremko are licensed partners and this joint venture has added the ability to offer complete processing lines for French fries, dehydrated granules, potato specialty products, potato chips, and potato salads. Idaho Steel manufacture and Kiremko design has strengthened our presence in the most important potato production and processing regions of the world, namely North Europe and North America. Kiremko and Idaho Steel collaboration offer customers worldwide an excellent source for all their food processing needs.

REYCO Systems
A leading company in innovative food processing technology, providing oil and moisture removal, food and waste conveying and UVC decontamination systems to food processors worldwide.

The Tolsma-Grisnich Group is a true specialist in intelligent storage technology and renowned for automating and optimising the processing of agricultural products. The combination of technology and storage advice results in the highest possible storage efficiency for customers. The strength lies in the company's very broad expertise and experience in storing and processing agricultural products. This is reflected in customer-specific installations and turnkey projects for storing, processing and packaging.



 Packo Inox N.V.
 A specialist in the field of stainless steel pumps. Expert   knowledge, precision engineering and quality materials.



Van den Pol Elektrotechniek
Specialists and leaders in all areas of electrical installations. A high degree of reliability, minimal downtime for maintenance and high efficiency are the main goals of Van den Pol Industrial Automation for your business process. They are designed to lower production costs and to maximize the yield. (Food) safety and durability are a high priority. New technical developments enable them to further optimise your business process. /

The company FAM develops and manufactures industrial food cutting machines and is the undisputed market leader worldwide. FAM is known for its customer-oriented philosophy, its many innovative applications and its product quality.

 BluePrint Automation 
 A worldwide leader in packaging automation. They deliver solutions that offer true   flexibility in real world production environments. Focusing on combining the most reliable case forming and innovative case designs with the most versatile product handling and case packing.



GEA Refrigeration Technologies
GEA Refrigeration Technologies, part of the internationally active GEA Group, is a synonym for industrial refrigeration technology. It has been their business to cool processes and products, and to control the temperature of goods in transport. You will find their solutions in the food and beverage sector; in the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries; on fishing ships; in natural gas liquefaction; in infrastructure facilities; and in ice factories. They offer a full range of refrigeration, from development and production projects, including preventive and remedial maintenance of your refrigeration systems.


 Gpi Process Equipment designs and manufactures stainless steel process equipment for companies active in the food and potato processing industry. One of the core products is the batterline, a coating preparation system for the production and supply of a continuous stream of batter/coating to the process line. The close cooperation between Kiremko and Gpi ensures that the batterline and the temperature of the substrate as well as the frying together seamlessly connect and meets the latest requirements to produce coated products.





The main objective of Insort GmbH is the development, manufacturing and marketing of digital sorting and monitoring systems based on Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®). In this partnership Insort will provide sorting and sensor expertise and equipment based on Chemical Imaging Technology CIT®, which is years ahead of the current standards in classifying food and delivers the most reliable and precise product and processing data. 

Kiremko will develop advanced process controls, utilizing inline data provided by Insort. The combined expertise will improve automation and control of the potato process in real time, to optimize process quality and efficiency. 

In the short-term, this partnership will lead to significant added value at multiple stages of the potato processing line for our common customers. On the long-term we see the supplement of both competences as the best approach in realising Industry 4.0 throughout the entire process in the potato industry. 

The potato processing industry will benefit from a higher product quality and uniformity, improved yields, reduction of food waste and energy consumption, higher throughputs, better food safety and other advantages.

Stumabo_source_outline_Stumabo_baseline_logo (1).jpgStumabo

FAM Stumabo is known globally for its progressive industrial potato cutting solutions and innovative shapes produced by hydro-cutting technology.  

In this partnership, FAM will supply mechanical cutting systems, and Stumabo will provide precision blades and expertise to integrate the best blades in Kiremko’s hydro-cutting systems. Stumabo will cover the complete and direct fulfilment of blades for Kiremko customers.

In the short term, this partnership will lead to efficient logistics and thus cost savings for the customer. Optimization will take place in cutting lines regarding the overall service life of knife blocks, which will result in improved raw product cutting and considerable reduction in waste product, with the added benefit of reduced down time.

In the long term, these efficiency gains will lead to noticeable cost reduction for customers. In addition, Kiremko and FAM Stumabo are continuously working on improvements to the cutting systems with the aim of producing a better product of even higher quality. Enhanced sustainability is top of mind by reducing waste and optimal use of raw material – all of which contribute to eventual customer success.