CASE: A strong industry presentation during a relationship event

CASE: A strong industry presentation during a relationship event

How do you present yourself, not as a single company, but as a whole chain?

How do you stimulate data sharing within an industry?

How do you work out something that is both fun and smart for a relationship event?

Kiremko is a manufacturer of potato processing equipment. Every year they organize a relationship event for stakeholders from home and abroad. The event is not only meant for tightening relations, but also for stimulating more data exchange among themselves in order to be able to offer even smarter machines and services. During the 2019 edition, the public was treated to 90 minutes of infotainment: the journey of the potato.

Mapping the journey of a [food] product

The Kiremko factory hall was converted into a 360-degree theater and contained:

• A U-shaped wall, with various sizes of screens, which surrounded the audience

• Chairs that could rotate 360 degrees and move along with the story line in the direction of the screens, on which different images and animations of Kiremko and partners were shown.

This design lent itself to a strong presentation about the journey of a potato.

The chain speaks: 11 different partners

In the processing of potatoes [into, for example, chips, hash brown, French fries] it applies that for almost every production process a separate partner supplies services and equipment. For example, potatoes must be cleaned, peeled, sliced, coated, frozen and transported.

In chronological order, each partner explained in 6 minutes how its company contributed to that process. Often on the basis of a machine that was on location and sometimes even operated live. The presentation was supported by animations and images on the screen wall.

The speakers always presented from a different location in the 360 ​​degree theater. They were announced by me [Robert Daverschot] as a presenter and filmed by a camera man if the speaker was farther away, namely next to a large machine outside the theater.

This industry presentation was commissioned by Kiremko and in collaboration with an event agency and production studios. In 90 minutes the journey of a potato was presented to the public in a lively and energetic way: from the field, to your plate!

Why the presentation was more than a show

This form of "chain presentation" proved to be a great success:

• For the public: they learned more about processes, machines and companies in a light-hearted and yet informative way.

• For the speakers: they learned how to powerfully convey their story in a short time and were able to present themselves simultaneously with other partners for an exclusive audience.

• For the chain: cooperation in the run-up to the event was a strong piece of team effort and brought partners closer together.

And perhaps the most important effect: at the end of the presentation, speakers and the audience mingled. To get to know each other, to engage in a more detailed discussion and sometimes to get the machines explained further. During the reception everyone spoke about the impressive presentation. And moved one step closer in the direction of more and smart data exchange!


This personal blog has been written by Robert Daverschot, in Dutch, on his personal website. This piece was translated and fitted for use on the Kiremko website. Robert Daverschot is a professional chairmen, sidekick and host and played a vital role in the Kiremko Masterclasses of 2018 and 2019.

Visit Robert’s website:

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