Kiremko WeighGuard®

The Kiremko WeighGuard® is the newest development in dosing and
weighing flavourings as an addition to your product.

De Kiremko WeighGuard® has been developed on the basis of years of

experience and innovative development. ​The Kiremko WeighGuard® prevents over or under-dosing meaning a higher return. The end product is always uniform and consistently flavoured.

H-Flow Conveyor

The H-Flow Conveyor® is the latest innovation for the transportation
of product.

The H-Flow Conveyor® is specially developed for the transfer of
deep frozen potato products and pellet snacks. The machine has a unique 
shake and slide system, where the products move in a forward direction 
with a backward movement that goes so fast, the product is not taken back. 

Piston pump

Piston pump, a new peel waste and mash pump. For some time we have been looking to manufacture our own pump suitable for potato peel waste to eliminate the problem existing pumps have with dry running due to the thick slurries involved. To overcome this problem we have innovated a pneumatic driven piston pump which is a development on the existing hydraulic pump made by our partner Idaho Steel Products.

An unrivalled pump that is maintenance-free, can handle high pressures, and has a robust stainless steel pump housing and piston. The stainless steel pump can run dry and has a capacity of more than 3.5 m3 an hour with a maximum working pressure of 14 bar. This pump works on compressed air and is available in a 200 mm diameter version. Thanks to its durable construction, this pump will operate problem-free for many years.  


The Kiremko PeelGuard® is a fully new designed system for the in-line inspection of peeled potatoes. Contrary to existing e-sorters on the market today, the machine is equipped with a weigh belt so that the exact peel result can be calculated accurately. In combination with the latest vision technology, the system is also able to detect remaining colour defects.

The system will give processors in-line reliable information on essential variables such as: percentage of green and black potatoes, percentage of peel rest and loss of mass (= peel loss). The system can also be configured for calculating the thickness of the removed skin and cooking ring. A peeler control module is available in order to continuously optimize the steam peeler settings. This way, the PeelGuard® guarantees the processor a constantly optimum peeling yield and up-to-date information with respect to quality of raw material used. This information can be made available to the customer’s MES and/or ERP systems.

There are two versions available: the PeelGuard®, a stand-alone unit with the above described functionality and the PeelGuard® LT, two machines in one: a TriPlus® free-fall potato sorter for high capacity for colour defects and foreign objects removal with integrated PeelGuard® module but without the weigh belt and additional data functionality. 


STRATA Invicta®

The STRATA Invicta® sets the new standard in steam peeling systems, offering the highest yield at the shortest possible cycle times.

It peels potatoes thinner than any machine, removing only the skin with a minimum of cooking ring! Fast, accurate and reliable, the STRATA Invicta® will really steam things up in your potato processing line. 

Oil Miser®

The latest innovation in defatting, the Oil Miser®The system which recovers oil from fried products after the fryer has proved to be reliable and effective and gives an extremely good return on investment. 

The system can be built to suit all line capacities and can be customized to suit French fries (coated or uncoated) and formed potato products. Together with Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems, an engineering group was formed to share experiences, ideas and technical knowledge resulting in a complete upgrade of the system. It is now more effective and built to reach the ever more stringent hygiene requirements of modern process plants. Ultimately, several design changes mean it can be manufactured in the most cost effective manner.

Decreasing steam peeler blow-off noise

To reduce the noise produced when steam is blown off by a steam peeler, Kiremko has developed a silencer.

The noise released when steam is blown off creates a noise nuisance and is a reason why an environmental permit can be declined. The new Kiremko silencer has been developed to transform the long range low frequency sounds into a higher frequency which can then be substantially reduced in the silencer.
The silencer consists of a perforated large basket. The exterior and outlet have been completely lined with a sound absorbing material which is suitable for all weather conditions.


Long life carborundum

A hard-wearing coat consisting of three components, suitable for the food sector. It is based on a two-component mixture acting as an adhesion layer and a wear layer, with a third component, fine and very hard-wearing carborundum (also known as ' silicium carbide'), added to it.

When carborundum peelers are used in the potato chips industry, grains or pellets sometimes enter the cutting machines and damage the knives.
Applying this long life carborundum to these peelers offers the benefits of this being a hard material that is virtually or completely free from wear, and on which dirt cannot accumulate. Long-term testing has shown this material to have a longer service life and to develop fewer deposits, i.e. to remain cleaner. The glazed starch layer that is left behind on the carborundum can be cleaned and removed quite easily.
This long life coating is applied both to batch abrasive peelers and to continuous roller-type abrasive peelers.

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