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Constant innovation allows us to raise the standard. In this way we closely study each food-processing procedure, in order to develop and produce machines that are not only more powerful and efficient, but also low-maintenance and more water & energy efficient, without sacrificing the quality of the end product. That is what Kiremko's quality is all about.

French fries, both frozen and fresh, potato chips, flakes, snack pellets, and many other potato by-products require a specific processing procedure. We will manufacture your process line, based on a high-quality end product, in which each machine stands for inventiveness and reliability. 

Our mission is to challenge ourselves every day to improve potato processing. By improving our own process and know how, we are able to enjoy in the success of our customers.


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If you want to challenge yourself to improve processes and further develop your knowledge, come and reinforce our team.
Job opportunities

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A reliable process line is the success factor for the potato processing industry. Discover where your opportunities lie. Contact us


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