Potato chips

Potato chips are a versatile potato product with new shapes and flavours frequently introduced on the market. Our technology offers flexibility in your production process, both now and in the future.

A wide range of possibilities will ensure that you are able to keep in line with any new idea or different flavour. Good quality potato chips should be crispy, the right size, colour, flavour and freshness. Our machines will enable you to develop a wide variety of potato chips and produce these with a constant quality guarantee. Making potato chips is a matter of millimetres and seconds. The well-balanced engineering and user-friendliness of our machines will enable you to deliver a top product every time.

Batch chips

Alongside the usual industrial potato chips produced “en masse”, traditionally produced chips are a rapidly expanding business. These chips are characterised by a natural-looking product, featuring maximum retention of the original structure, aroma and flavour, as well as a pleasant “bite”. In general, these potato and vegetable chips are fried without first washing, blanching and peeling.

Another characteristic feature is the small-scale, semi-manual operation of the batch production process. In some countries, this allows the producer to give the potato chips the designation “hand cooked”.

Our installation for the frying of batch chips meets this market need. It features the most sophisticated technologies in the area of frying processes, temperature control, oil filtration, and high-efficiency gas burners.

Potato chips

Customised solutions

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